Saturday, May 05, 2007


Adam Ford said...

Fantastic art! I really dig your palletes

jennyinla said...


Beautiful work! I was wondering where you do your life drawings/paintings. Is there a place in LA that you could recommend?

insert name here said...

Hey Jenny,-
I paint at DreamWorks, the studio I'm working for, once a week. I think Art Center in Pasadena has good evening classes. some of them are even open, I think. Also try 310-829-ARTS which is the LA Arts Academy.

jennyinla said...

You have a great job. I wish my company did that regularly too. Thanks for suggesting LA Arts Academy - I did try the Santa Fe Colony studio - it was lovely, but alas, too far for me, as is Pasadena. I'm just looking for a quiet, pleasant life drawing group sans an instructor.

Thanks again,