Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Massimo Milano Portrait Series

I feel very honored that my friend and Swiss-Italian artist Massimo Milano included me into his Portrait series. Check it out here:


Manoj a menon said...

cool one...
Is this a complilation of portraits?

I just got a copy of the 'art of How to train your dragons' and saw your fantastic sketches( hiccups expressions.
How was your vacation?
whats happening new..
any new exhibitions..
when is your artbook coming..?
and pls include some videos of your 'art in progress'...
wish you a great day everyday.


Manoj a menon said...

Hi Simon,

after a while i got to sit with the book 9 the art book of dragons) for a while.

whats the thing called 'markers' thts mentioned everywhere?

pencil and it the same alcohol based markers?

and one more dobt..
do you do the animation just like 2D ..which menas laying down the thumnails ( as given on page 26 of the artbook)

Do you animate the characters straight ahead or pose to pose?

and it was mentioned that the twin headed dragon (zippleback)had more than 4000 controls.One of the reasons why i didnt venture into 3D animation is that the software makes it appear 'too' technical..
how do you get the same fun with so much handles sticking around the model?

Was toothless your design ?How did you manage your time between design and animation?

and one more (stupid) question...
What happens after designers finish their job in a once all the stuff moves to modelling..are they allocated to the next project?

It would be great to get some answers from your your expertise...someday.I will be checking very often


Desiree Cassidy said...

Your work is really inspiring - I love your sketches earlier on in your blog! Good Stuffs! :)

geraldo roberto da silva said...

Nice work!

geraldo roberto da silva said...

It's good! Nice work!

Cory Wilson said...

I may be late to the party but I recognize that guy.

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